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Mistakes All Dog Owners Should Avoid at All Costs, According to Veterinarians

Many people take pride in being a dog mom or dad. What a lot of them may overlook though is the amount of work and precaution that comes with properly caring for their furry friend. Although they may have good intentions, pet owners are still prone to make a couple of mistakes that might put their pup’s well-being at risk. Here are some of them.

Slathering Them with Sunscreen

Rest assured that dogs’ coat of fur is sufficient enough to protect them from the sun

With all the talk about how the sun’s rays can be damaging to the skin, people might feel the need to protect their dogs the same they do for themselves: slapping on some sunscreen. However, veterinarians like Rachel Barrack warn that doing so might expose one’s pet to harmful chemicals like zinc oxide. When ingested, sun protection products can cause dogs to have serious digestive issues from diarrhea to vomiting.

The Dangers of Ice

Speaking of the sun and the hot weather it brings, dog parents are advised against giving their pups ice in attempts of helping them cool off in the summer. Doing this can reportedly cause a pet to break their teeth in the process of trying to gnaw on ice. Broken teeth can then lead to infections that would, later on, require procedures like a tooth removal or a root canal.

Improper Leash Handling

Make sure to also pick a comfortable collar for your dog

Dog parents know how excited their pets can get when they get the chance to walk and play outside. However, this excitement can also lead to fractures when paired with constant leash yanking from a pet owner, who might just be trying to keep their four-legged buddy away from potential danger while outside. To avoid accidental injuries, owners are also advised against using choke collars.

Leaving Them in a Car

News stories of dogs dying after being left in a hot car should be enough to encourage everybody from trying to run errands with their dogs unattended in their vehicles. While some may think that cracking the window open would save a pet from such fate, they also underestimate just how fast a car’s interiors can heat up, especially during days with warm weather.

Table Scrap Treats

Stick to feeding your dog with regular dog food instead

It can be tempting to feed one’s eager pup scraps of food off the table but veterinarians warn against this habit. Constantly feeding a dog scraps of fatty foods like bacon can cause them to exceed their recommended daily calorie intake. In the long run, this may end up with one’s pet becoming overweight or suffering from serious illnesses like pancreatitis.

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