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5 Ways Your Body Is Warning You About a Potentially Toxic Relationship

Being in tune with one’s own body won’t just help people catch illnesses early on. It can also warn a person that the relationship they’re currently in might not be too healthy for them. Experts like therapist Shannon Thomas say that sometimes one’s subconscious thoughts and distress can manifest physically in the way their body works or fails to work. Here are some of the common red flags to watch out for.

Speech & Memory Issues

These issues may manifest in having difficulty concentrating on doing even simple things like reading a book and processing new information

A person whose mind is on constant high alert due to their significant other may notice that they’re developing troubles with their own memory and speech. Thomas explains this problem as being an effect of the brain being consumed with processing what is really going on in their abusive relationship. The therapist says that people with manipulative or cruel partners often try hard to understand their significant other and find ways to solve problems in the relationship.

Constant Tiredness

In relation to this, victims of abuse may also notice how they’re experiencing constant tiredness and often feel worn down. Unfortunately, keeping people in this state is usually the goal of an abuser because it means that their partner would be too tired to fight back and easier for them to control. As Thomas observed, the constant up and down emotion spirals of good moments and gaslighting that abusive partners put their significant other through wear victims down and physically affects them.

Compromised Immune System

Those frequent headaches may be a sign that you are in a toxic relationship

It can even come to a point where a person’s immune system is compromised. Victims of abuse can start experiencing sudden skin flare-ups and aches but come back with a clean bill of health when they do go to the doctor for these issues. This can further cause distress to these people as they can still feel the symptoms despite what professionals say.

Physical Unease

Being around a person one loves usually makes them feel relaxed. The opposite can happen though when an individual is stuck in an abusive or toxic relationship. One may experience the tightening of muscles as an automatic reaction to the presence of their partner. This may mean that the body is reacting based on subconscious realizations that one hasn’t fully come to terms with yet.

Hormone-Induced Digestive Troubles

Suddenly having trouble eating certain food might be caused by the body’s fight or flight response

According to Thomas, victims of abuse may also start experiencing digestive sensitivities despite not having problems with food before. This may be caused by the rise in hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which usually happen when one is dealing with stress.

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